Below is a list of the programs we are currently running


It is the digital age and opportunities abound to develop marketable web development skills. Our courses cover learning understanding the basics of web development, and programming languages that you will apply practically. The languages include html, css, javascript and php. You will also frameworks and tools that improve efficiency.


Being a designer is a skill that affords you many opportunities to express an art form that uses various concepts in visual imagery. There are many aspects to being a designer and you can specialize in a field or have general knowledge that can come in handy in your profession or as an entrepreneur. Our lessons are geared towards helping you see the big picture and also applying your knowledge tangibly.


Digital marketing makes it easier for an organization to track data that leads to better marketing . It is a skill that is becoming more relevant as mass media becomes less prevalent and marketing becomes more affordable, targeted and measurable. From sole proprietorships to large organizations, companies need to market their products and services and they need people that understand how to do so with results. You will learn how to use tools that can help you understand the various digital marketing channels, strategies to convert potential clients and how to track results.